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Rambling in the wildernesses;

to a hideaway , far away from her beholder ..

garnering the troves of; her old days.

the days when her soul;

was the pinnacle of the pure.

So long as the sultry wind..

comes not and clings,

to her skin..deep burnt;

An embodiment of peace..

void if the upheavals;

A blurred vision..and a bog,by the brook.

A place she domains.

staring at the vines,and the ivies ,

gnarled to the bend..

twisting their bodies;

fain they sway, as she coughs

and the blood spills over..

the ivory shades,she wears

clanging noise..that her moon hears..

The wolves..roundabout in appetite

tiptoe to her..with watered mouth

She giggles and more stiff..

Awaiting to die










Handful of those sienna shades,

were all that kept pace;

of my forbearing..amber cascades..

Until the moments passing;

improvised in that shade of yours..

each turn flagging..luring me to the core of woods.

There i saw the Mahogany ..above

the shades of teak and rosewood ..

Lambent in that world..

placed my night into that wood..

a part of what..shouts and yells

as to why i let it in..

But i swear  upon myself..

it was not..

what the moments endured..

Blamed should be..the mahogany

for all..that it allured …






That day too,

I sat in the fits of melancholy..

Whilst the venus ..above and beyond,

contended to touch ..some untouched bond..

Brought me round the corner;

of the soul ..

that yearned me for some fits..

I too lost..into the woods..

and reveries .

Took those delicacy ..in my hands

the hands..the roughness,

of which had skipped;

as did my pulse..

that throb yet seems

beyond any touch or the feels…

Hmm.. i yet dwell into the October,

though you fled the place

where our silent prattles.. race


Moaning in another’s world..


I beheld the plummets meeting,

by the waterside ;

Amid the darkest of the nights.

And the skies void of your flight.

The way you left;

My soul is yet the same..awaiting-

And the strains so inflecting;

Seeking the loathed pieces;

leftover of your lies

pleasing me more;

than the truth,yearned encore…

O’ that day of july ;

held me higher..

than i could ever fly.





A Catch on the wing..!


A vehement heat underneath my skin;

outshone the blood so queer.

The potency on my sleeves,and the outbursts of my own being-

tiptoe to the surrealism ..breaking in ,

to the reverie and  down the ravine-steep 

the milestones coated with dust;

exhilarate  the contending thirst .

And an appetite of the sun,

longed to be frozen..but with the heat-

offered by the sun’s tint,

that glistens the bare skin..

never-thought, so never-told

this thing that the souls hold .

In the end,as i walk in;sought a pond ,nearby,

swishing the index finger;

in the blue of its caprice.

Meanwhile the building heat ;

amid the water so cold-

the wind passing by’

brings me in “would you ever rejoice?”

And that fine day..i repented over my choice..

the wind passed by,leaving my fits rethinking;

what i crave for,amidst the hours of dawn

is never meant to be a catch on the wing!





Ferocity..of being loved!

via Daily Prompt: Blossom

The measure with which we pour our caresses and love onto the world of the masses, is indeed a measure of the love that we await in this miniature -vast world of us  . Each of us look for a place to rest..seeking every bit of meaning to our lives.The mere reason as to why we go about deserting ourselves resides in this very own being of us ..yet we contend to treat those wounds..that find their own ways down the road..through the wildernesses ,not knowing that Time could give..what it takes ,all it takes..to heal it to the way ..when it had never been scared.

The ways we can go about finding amid this life..where a million lives traverse to keep their love moving..can be attained only when we lean on no other being..than ourselves, the rest is left to our optimism..all the power of rebuilding and rediscovering ..finding our way back home, stays in the measure of how far we have been from our fears and so close whilst facing the ordeals.

That is when we lose ourselves in a true sense..but end up seeking better ways to love ourselves ,that ferocity..is above all the fears..taking down with itself all the chances we let in the hands of the beings who knocked us down. Often,the very utility of forming perceptions, hides behind the back of admiring every single beauty..you are a beauty too..let the world pass by ,jostling amid the hundreds..while you drag yourself closer to those stars ,the faults of which..you have longed to whittle…when you attain the ferocity of caring..of the uncaring,sans looking for their faces to turn around and fill your with sympathy up to the brim. It steers itself up to some strength,only when your ferocity of being loved heads home to the ferocity of caring and loving others.



‘It was not merely the time that passed,it was me ..jostling even through the deserted streets..empty handed ,repenting..while others rejoiced!’



Tangible memories…

When she loses herself into the woods..she seeks a place to rest…even though she knows to the core that ..her mirror isn’t in the places that were once- inevitable to its presence ..yet she draws her faith back ..to those places,not knowing of her obtrusive scars ..that masses could see..but a few could feel!

That has now been burnt to ashes..whilst she wandered on the pavements of hell,into the firewood . But she could never recollect the endurance to walk through the ordeals of her own curves..with the tangible memories,now put into the fragmented pieces..still she touches them as if the sun is a catch on the wing..!infinity

The hairs ravel,swaying along the wind

that long to straighten the curves-

that curve is a mere adamant soul;

for it never seeks the path once-told

neither does it turn still,letting the masses pass by

above all it builds up the houses ,and..

on those painted walls-

framed in the wooden closures..

hangs the abstracts ;whilst pouring the paint

of colors fusing together..in such flair

bound not to drip down

yet senses it to the veins

unobtrusive to the masses ;and a world of her own

putting into words…she went by the outlooks

ends up clearing away and took –

the ink pen in her hands..and wrote –

enfolding the penmanship,

”Oh,Tangible memories!”


Living in infinity…

Each of us devour ourselves into the shades of life..indeed the starvation for surviving..gets its hold from the path  that  consumes our thoughts. Else..we would soon end up in a heap of a vacant mind.One chooses to live in Infinity,for a number of reasons that eat us to flesh.People reckon such souls to be moaning worthlessly..but Infinity is a path that fits every misfit in itself..the pavements that accompany us..and will.We long for seeking someone who fits in our life..altogether.Our expedition ends up..when we stand still..for a moment and amid the chaos that runs into our minds…run for a unused place.Our mind is never meant to be thoughtless..even when we feel thoughtless,the numerous thoughts stir in our minds.But when we  pass a moment ..bringing in our mind an infinite figure..we go about seeking the real curves of it..What drags us to infinity is the lack of ferocity of being loved..and cared..when one garners us with care,we unknowingly set off an unbreakable attachment with the person..the remains of what ,now seem to be a mere incessant wait…with the time-inevitable..but marks itself into the deepest fits of our souls.

Of all the devoured minds..it gets hold of ..when we fail to fit in the gnarled aspects,of ourselves.A number of what we have went through..one should never be brought about to to the idea of being misfit..with the way others judge us..i did too,stabbing myself for umpteenth time…yet  that could not put everything in its place together.But that could not get hold of putting everything to a still..on the contrary..Infinity became a reason to my each breath..and every blur memory..now fading on its verge. yet,the tempest in my mind wanders down those miles..if i had not tasted the sweets of those lips that never were…and the hands of a mere mirrors..i might have never sought the bends of infinity!!the figure was indeed INFINITE

The outcasts of the thoughts have now deserted the body and looking for a place to rest..and for the souls that dwell into the valley…and a mirror to lean on!             -Priyanshijust_close_your_eyes_the_sun_is_going_down__by_eleonorec-d5bx2y4.jpg

The deserted lane…

Not until the the dawn had set in..that i went through my own bends..not until i played with the crests..seeking myself..

Down the deserted lanes..there stays one fear of losing the troves..that were never filled..though it was something odious ..but all the times that i have tried up finding myself in it..it took me back to the drawing board  ..and so i rested there in fragments..crying my heart out..in the lone hours of dawn. And meanwhile glancing through the window ..the hues of fresh grasses that would tickle beneath my foot..and the adamant sun that puts us into facing the stilted tints.  ….only if I gather the uphill courage that it starves for!!!There walks in the optimism with vivid colors splitting across the vision..and while beholding through the horizon..I rediscovered someone..and went on..through the wildernesses ..tripping,my heart ..an empty-fill,barefoot ..trying to feel the bruised feet..on the coldest stones..for a mere reason that resides in that soul..reaching there..as i raise my head to lead the hands on their way..it turns around..sensing my nerves and the breath i exhaled..it intakes …enfolds my being altogether….so tight-held.! It carves with the withered woods the words..onto my skin..with the blood dripping along the bends..! It whittled the thoughts and set me free!!

As I faint in fright,it fades away as if it never was..taking with itself..all the obtrusive scars..

And the time fleets..shifting to the dusk ,with the sense of the rain on my face..that pours down all that it takes to feed a starving soul ! It deserts me amid the darkest nights .And I steer my ideas up to playing with the sand dunes..so as to pass the night by..and staring in the sky..lost into the reveries of constellation leading..to the face of that soul that has put me between the faintest nights and  the alluring waits of the sun to pour down its tints.. taking away the exhaustion.I went to sleep with my eyes closed..yet the soul knocks ..with its face pressing against mine..and waking up.. i behold the false taking me to the desire of seeing it the next dawn too.

Even though that night has passed.and years have gone by..yet the reveries of that soul..breaks in at night and steals my empty fill..communing to my countless thoughts and leaving behind it, the experiences and feels ..of that deserted lane

 Priyanshi timthumb